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I sometimes wonder if I’m too old for this site :/

Like, sometimes I find myself looking at someone’s blog and thinking ‘wow, this person is so cool and posts some really amazing stuff! hey, we’re even in the same fandoms! maybe I could drop them a message to say hi, maybe strike up a friendly conversation …’

then I look and suddenly realise that I’m a full 10 years older than them and I come to the conclusion that they probably wouldn’t want to hear from a crusty old fart like me ;__;

Yeah ok but have you seen this McDonalds advert? This is the single most adorable thing on the tv right now and I smile every time it comes on X3

10pm: pfft, I’m not even slightly tired!!

12am: but there is so much stuff I still want to do!! I’m not ready for bed yet!


6am: It’s kinda pointless going to bed now but that’s ok, I can power through :)

9am: I regret everything …

10pm: pfft, I’m not even slightly tired!!

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